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Steps To Writing Headlines That Get Clicked

Your ability and expertise in writing headlines will determine the success of your content marketing. Follow these strategies to write killer headlines.

Writing headlines could be the hardest part of copywriting

Being able to write compelling, engaging, and unique headlines is why BuzzFeed and PopSugar are getting clicks, and you are not. 

Of course, there’s no rule of thumb when it comes to writing headlines, or coming up with blog post ideas, but some certain styles have worked over the years. There’s no room for experimenting; you might have to follow these formulas. 

At this point, you should ask; why do headlines matter?

Your headlines either grab attention or bore your visitors. The headline is the first impression visitors will have about your brand. 

It’s not the job of your header to sell your product, service, or brand to the visitors. The headline is meant to convince them to read the content. 

When it comes to headlines, different people have their strategies, and it’s best we look into the major ones; 

1. Social Proof, Threat and Gain Strategy

Each of these are standalone. Let’s start with social proof; it’s about using statistics to tell a story. 

Why should you do that? 

Before you buy a product from Amazon, you would have gone through the reviews to know if it indeed works. That’s social proof, and it can come to play in your headlines; 

  • The Automation Tool Being Used To Earn $20k By 500 Small Businesses. 
  • Why Graphics Designers Are Obsessing Over This New Design Software. 
  • Here’s The App Being Used To Hire Freelancers By 10,000 Digital Marketing Firms. 

For your headlines to get clicked, you must show the visitors’ social proof backed with trusted sources. 

Now to Threat; 

Everyone wants to avoid pain, and that’s what you will leverage on in your headlines. No one wants to lose resources, waste time, or make any other mistakes. Make your headlines look like this; 

  • Read This Checklist Before Visiting Myanmar For The Summer
  • The 6 Biggest Mistakes Made By Freshmen in Colleges
  • 10 Things To Ask Your Vet To Save Your Pet

These are all appropriate threat, and it will make people click immediately; it is seen. 

And Now Gains; 

For this approach, you have to combine what readers stand to gain with a promise. Make them see the benefits of reading and of course, add a promise along with it. 

For example; 

  • 10 Thanksgiving Ideas Using Ingredients In Your Kitchen
  • 5 Last Minutes Christmas Gift You Can Buy Cheap Today
  • 7 Yoga Poses For You As a beginner. 

Learn from Mark Mason, the king of Headlines. Imagine the headline of his bestseller, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k.

2. The 4U Headline Formula

When ten people visit your website or page, eight people are likely to read the headline, while only two will click on it. 

That’s because your headline is not compelling enough to warrant a click. 

This is why your headline must be useful, urgent, unique, and ultra-specific to be clicked. 

·      Usefulness

Craft your headline in a way that people believe they have something to benefit from the content. Use your headline to identify a problem and proffer a solution using the same headline. 

Look at these headlines; 

10 Natural Ways of Preserving Tomatoes Without Preservatives

Beauty Hacks To Solve Your Dry Skin Problems

·      Urgency

You might need to employ FOMO to get people to click your headlines.

Urgency might not be easy to capture, depending on your topic. The idea of using urgency in your headings is not to give the visitors time to think before clicking. 

Examples of writing headlines with urgency; 

Avoid This Two Mistakes During Your 2nd Trimester Before It’s Too Late

You Need To Take This Special Vaccine in Two Days To Protect Yourself

·      Unique

The internet is oversaturated with information, and you have to employ uniqueness to stand out. 

Whatever it will take for your headline to stand out, you have to do it. People get wowed by unusual phrasing, so give it to them; 

How To Be Happy that Your Ex Is an Ex

5 Slow Way To Get Things Done ASAP

·      Ultra Specific

When you come across ten headlines, there is an assurance that seven will have numbers in it. 

Your readers want to have an idea of what they will get by clicking that headline, and you have to show them. 

Rather than say décor ideas, focus on décor ideas for nursing moms, or rather than say, Food ideas for Thanksgiving, focus on vegetarian food ideas on Thanksgiving. 

Final Thoughts

You’ll need to pay enough attention to your headlines if you want to get good clicks out of them. 

The success of your content marketing depends heavily on your ability to reach your target audience.