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Medium vs. WordPress: Where Should You Start First

There’s a rivalry in the minds of users when it comes to Medium Vs. WordPress. There’s a way to make this difficult decision.

Medium vs. WordPress is what we’re going to discuss here. As a brand or writer, when you are just starting, the question of where to begin from always comes up. Usually, the choice is still between Medium vs. WordPress. The reality is; there is no right or wrong answer to this question. 

Currently, Medium has around 85 to 100 million active readers monthly. Even though there’s no basis for comparison of numbers as WordPress currently powers 35% of the internet. It does not end there; WordPress also controls 61% of the CMS market globally. 

That’s why you might think there’s no basis for comparison, but you are still left undecided on which to choose. 

Let’s now pitch the two against each other by examining the pros and cons of some factors; 

1. Cost of Usage

Regardless of the number of coupons and simplicity of themes you stick with on WordPress, the lowest you are likely to spend annually will be $100. To someone who has stayed on the internet for a while, this might look small, but for a newbie into the arena, it’s a lot of money. 

Whereas, it may cost next to nothing to be a blogger on Medium. 

2. Ease of Finding Visitors

There’s an already available audience on Medium with around 85 to 100 million built-in and active audience. In as much you have something to offer, there’s always someone ready to read. 

However, if you go with WordPress, the onus of finding readers falls exclusively on you. What WordPress makes available is the platform and not an audience to go with it. 

We should also state that Medium is a High Domain authority, making it quite easier for Search Engines to feature your content. If you choose WordPress, you will be starting from scratch and building a High DA website takes years. 

Medium Vs. WordPress

3. Growth and Branding

Here, WordPress will always be at the forefront as it sees content as the central component of the system. While Medium makes a writer out of you quickly as you can build a portfolio, there’s no room for growth. 

WordPress allows you to build your brand, and you make money in the process. On the other hand, Medium is quite limiting as you are subjected to the TOS guiding the platform. In the end, you’ll end up moving to WordPress from Medium when you consider growth. 

4. Search Engine Optimization

If you are serious about building a brand as a writer, you cannot downplay the place of SEO. That being said, if you are serious about being a blogger, there are numerous plugins and resources on the WordPress platform that can boost your chances of SERP. 

Truly, Medium being a High DA website means your chances of being on the search engine front page is high. This means for every of your content; there’s a high chance at visibility. This creates a tie between both Medium vs. WordPress. 

5. Content Monetization

There’s a cumbersome nature that comes with monetizing content on WordPress and another self-hosted platform. This same process only requires a few clicks on Medium despite being a free platform. 

The straightforward nature of content monetization has been the biggest strength of Medium over WordPress. However, as a content developer, there’s a lot of content monetization opportunities available to WordPress as a self-hosted blog. You are likely to make a goo kill using WordPress with the right skills and know-how. 

6. Ease of Use and Adoption

Both Medium and WordPress are both each to utilize for a blogger. On the surface, there is limited technical knowledge that is required to operate a WordPress blog. On its own, Medium has a WYSIWYG interface. All this is needed is to create an account and start publishing articles. 

Not to say that WordPress requires the knowledge of Python, anyone can also operate it. There are even countless Plugins and themes to choose from. Nonetheless, if placed side by side with Medium, WordPress is not as easy. 

Bottom Line

Are you disappointed? You think the blog would be about picking one over the other. No, the idea is to lay all the cards open on the table for you to choose what works for you. 

You don’t have to be limited to choosing either one of the two when you can publish on both WordPress and Medium