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Becoming a Better Content Marketing Writer

As a content marketing writer, you are a freelance write of the futre and you have to preapre for the future wih all of these tips.

It’s just like saying, how can you become a badass content marketing writer. 

A content marketing writer who can prove to Time that your content is worth more than 8 seconds. 

If you write authority driven and engaging content that leads to results, then you can be called a content marketing writer. 

A content marketing writer has one single goal, to create online written content that stimulates loyalty and trust. The content can be in the form of articles, ebooks, blogs, social media copy, blogs, and even infographics. 

The content marketing niche is hot, and that’s how it’ll continue to be even in the future. By 2021, the industry will be worth $412 billion. 

You know why? 

There are more entrepreneurs, brands, solopreneurs, and digital marketers who have seen the result content marketing can bring. 

With the opportunity right in front of you, how can you take advantage and be the best content marketing writer; 

1. Never Write Without a Content Strategy

This should be the basis for every content marketing writer. 

As basics as it appears, it’s one of the essential elements of content marketing. 

Your content strategy must encompass how you can write as an authority to build trust and brand loyalty. There should also be a place for consistent, relevant, and relatable content. Of course, all of this should be coined in a manner that engages the audience. 

It’s your content strategy that will separate your content from the one no one cares about. 

2. Learn, Re-Learn and Don’t Stop Learning Skills

Being a content marketing writer, there are skills that you must have to be relevant in the industry. 

Be an expert storyteller. Data will always be boring, spin an engaging storyline out of it. 

Listen to what your audience needs. You are in tune with the latest SEO and content trends. 

Don’t be tired of researching. That’s the only way to create authoritative content that everyone reads. 

Being able to put your audience first. Without an audience, who are you writing for? 

3. Don’t Be A Jack of All Trade, a Master At Nothing. Have a Niche. 

Successful and profitable content marketing writers always have expertise in a niche. 

Let’s tell you this; have a niche and don’t be a generalist. Content marketing writers with a niche don’t have a voice; they also earn higher than generalists. 

This is how to know what you are good at; 

If you can make a sense out of a very tough topic, that’s likely to be your niche. 

It could even be that you have worked in a specific field before diving into content marketing; you can zero in on that also. 

4. Have a Ready Portfolio and Social Proof

With just a few clicks, your prospective clients must have access to your past works. 

Keep records and go after social proofs. That’s what your prospective clients need to hire you. 

It’s either you go with a website, a portfolio, or a Google Drive folder with your samples. 

Along with this, build your pedigree as a content marketing writer by writing for highly rated outlets. This will prove to your clients that you are who you said you are, an authority. 

5. Never Write Blindly, Have a Knowledge of Your Audience

If you are unable to strike a chord in your audience, your copy is a waste. 

You cannot do this if you are not intimately connected to your audience. No one will download that free eBook, sign up for a newsletter, or click the checkout button if you cannot connect with them. 

In your content strategy, you would have known who your audience is and what should be their needs. This way, you will address their needs with every single word in your copy. 

6. There’s No Content Marketing Without SEO

At the core of content marketing lies Search Engine Optimization. 

You can be insanely good with your storytelling and strategies, without balancing it with SEO, you cannot get anywhere as a content marketing writer. 

People are competing for the same SERP top spots. Only those who can optimize their excellent copy with SEO will carry the day. 

Final Thought

You can be more than better as a content marketing writer. It’s all within your power. 

You’ve come this far than to be average as a content marketing writer. Implement these strategies, and you’ll start seeing results. 

Just know that as a content marketing writer, the future of marketing lies in your hands.