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6 Content Marketing Trends For 2020

In 2020, there are content marketing trends that you cannot ignore. They should guide your formulation of content marketing strategies.

Rarely will you see a business that does not run a blog today. 

It’s a pointer to one fact; content marketing truly works. With the power to generate a 300% increase in leads and at just 62% of the cost of outbound marketing. 

This is why it does not come as a surprise that the content marketing industry is about to reach the $400 billion worth. 

To be ahead of your game in 2020, you cannot afford to overlook the content marketing trends. 

There is a decrease in the attention span of the audience and the effects of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and other disruptive technologies. 

All of these content marketing trends will yield no result if implemented in isolation; you have to harmonize the trends. 

1. Content Will No Longer Be Just Text

There is a decrease in attention span for content. But there’s a way to deal with this; 

Employ visuals. Bring in infographics, animations, graphs, and videos into your text. They will add value to your text. 

Even though technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are still at its basic stage, you can start looking into how to leverage them in your content. 

As much as you dislike these content marketing trends, there’s nothing to be done than to join the bandwagon. 

2. eBook Dies a Natural But Expected Death

There’s rarely a content marketer that does not have eBooks in their marketing kits. 

And honestly, everyone loves eBooks. Check out HubSpot, they have 165 of these books, while Salesforce has no less than 12 in their resources section alone. 

Of course, eBook helps a great deal with SEO. More importantly, it’s a medium to express your authority in the industry. This is aside from being able to bring together your ideas and thoughts in a single format. 

As much as the world loves and needs eBooks, 2020 might be the year when it starts to wane in usefulness. 

Consumers are aligned towards a more engaging form of content, and this is what shot eBook in the leg. 

If you are asking what will take over from eBooks; 

  • Podcast
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Short videos
  • Audio Books

We still believe that eBooks still has a place in the future, in what position is what we are yet to figure. Just make use of these content marketing trends to stay in the game.

3. Instagram Takes on The Challenge of eCommerce

No one thought along this line until Instagram Checkout came along. 

That was the game-changer for content marketing and social media marketing. 

Initially, Instagram was just an avenue to advertise products, while the selling takes place elsewhere. In 2020 and beyond, Instagram is proving business accounts the luxury of advertising and sale at the same time. 

Although Instagram checkout is still limited to a selected number of US-based business, it will go universal in 2020. 

How does this affect you as a content marketer? 

Your content marketing strategy must put into focus the ability to keep target users on the same platform for advertising and conversion. 

With your content, you can now attract and convert on the same platform. 

4. Creation of Value Rather Than Volume

We are referring to how success is measured in the content marketing industry. 

Before, success is hinged on the bounce rate, the number of impressions and visits, keywords ranked, click-through rate, and the number of backlinks. 

In 2020, there will be a shift to

  • Average visiting time
  • Conversion rate as determined by the client
  • Quality of backlinks
  • Monetary spend of visitors. 

This means that your content marketing strategies for 2020 must emphasize quality over quantity. 

5. Storytelling Will Still Resonate With The Audience

Everything about content marketing may go out of style, but not great and engaging stories. 

If you can tell a clear story that sinks in deeply with your target audience, you do not need any other gimmick, 

There’s a lot good stories can do; it brings people together and pulls the emotions giving you a feeling you’ve never had before. 

Always ensure that your stories resonate and revolve around the customer, and how the brand can help them reach their goals. 

6. Leveraging on Micro-moment

If you can bring together intent, content, and immediacy in your content marketing strategies, you will have a home run in 2020. 

Micro-moment is about being able to take advantage of when users are likely to take an action that leads to conversion. Being able to anticipate these moments and provide your target audience with a solution through your content will help you beat your competitors.